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La Grande Chapelle has been unstinting in its commitment to musical heritage and artistic quality. It does not receive any kind of regular financial or public backing, and for this reason the support of institutions, companies and private individuals is vital to maintain the level of excellence of its activities and to develop new musical and recording projects. Each one of its recordings is the fruit of almost craftsman-like work and thus requires arduous negotiation with different institutions in order to find the necessary support. Given that these kinds of projects are destined for a minority public and have no mass market, public intervention and sponsorship becomes necessary.

Linking yourself to the activities of La Grande Chapelle you or your organisation will be contributing to:

La Grande Chapelle is renowned for its capacity to recover unjustly forgotten masterpieces - from the golden age of polyphony to the time of the Peninsular War. In their commitment to excellence, the ensemble collaborates with prestigious musicologists and, in particular, the research group "Música Poética" of the CSIC, in order to develop synergies and be able to offer the public a repertoire that otherwise might have languished undiscovered in archives and libraries. Lauda has signed an agreement with the Publications Department of the CSIC to record a series of CDs for an initiative that is considered a paradigm of knowledge transfer to society under the auspices of the Humanities and Social Science departments of the CSIC.

The variety of groups (from small to large ensembles) and repertoire (from polyphony to opera), the quality of the collaborators and rigorous demands of each one of the projects are the keys to the dynamism which defines La Grande Chapelle. The recorded works on their own label demonstrate a commitment to quality with beautiful presentation and the outstanding performances. Their recordings have been critically acclaimed and have won international prizes.

Diffusion of Spanish musical heritage
Owing to its rigorous methodology and performance excellence, La Grande Chapelle has laid the groundwork for the diffusion of a Spanish historical-musical treasure trove. The label, international distributors and specialized media (magazines, newspapers, radio and television) participate in the distribution of each CD. The premieres, tours and Lauda's recordings – available in more than 40 countries - mean a tangible advance in getting the historic Spanish repertoire out to today's public.

With your support, you or your organization will be contributing in maintaining an ambitious artistic project that is of great scientific-artistic interest and of the highest quality.

We offer different ways to participate:

  • Specific recording projects (Lauda CDs)
  • Concert production, national and international tours
  • Educational activities (educational workshops, training courses, Chairs of Excellence, awareness-raising activities)
  • Support for young talent (LGCh Academy, new values)
  • Development (research for new projects, purchase of sheet music, publishing…)

By supporting La Grande Chapelle you will enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Visibility
    • Name or logo on promotional material and institutional communiqués (webpage, dossiers etc.).
    • Name or logo on the specific material for each project (covers and booklets for CDs, programmes, press releases…)
    • Participation in press conferences and other events relating to the project
    • Acknowledgement in the annual report
  • Participation
    • Preferential invitations for premieres and concerts
    • Discounts on the price of tickets for company members
    • Opportunities to be present at rehearsals and recordings
    • Meetings with the musicians and the director Albert Recasens
    • Annual dinner with the patrons' circle
    • Preferential treatment for private events
    • Privileged information on the ensemble's activities
    • Private conferences on the programme of specific concerts given by well-known musicologists
  • Publications
    • Free CDs proportional to the level of patronage
    • Personalized or signed copies
  • Deductions
    • Patrons – both companies and individuals – will benefit from the fiscal advantages under the law of patronage (Law 49/2002 on financial incentives for patronage and sponsorship).

      The fiscal incentives of this Law allow companies a deduction of 35% in Corporation Tax, up to a maximum of 10% of taxable income and, in the case of private individuals, up to 25% on the Tax due for Personal Income.

Lauda has a programme of patronage aimed at companies and individuals who would like to contribute to the development of the important artistic work of La Grande Chapelle. You can get more information by calling (34) 91 409 32 01 or at the following email address:

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