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> Antonio Rodríguez de Hita. Obra vocal en latín

Antonio Rodríguez de Hita. Obra vocal en latín
LAU024 | 8435307617118
November 2023
Digipack / 1 CD / 68:38
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Vocal Works in Latin

Antonio Rodríguez de Hita is renowned as the creator of comic zarzuela during the 1760s. However, his scant theatrical works have overshadowed the vast majority of his musical legacy, primarily sacred in nature and composed for the prestigious Monastery of the Incarnation in Madrid, a Royal foundation. His religious works embrace a hybrid musical style, encompassing elements of late Baroque and Classical periods, stile antico, and theatrical language. In his Latin repertoire, Rodríguez de Hita displays a particular affinity for counterpoint and formal experimentation. The selection presented, drawn from his series of psalms, hymns, motets, lamentations, and especially Epiphany responsories, allows us to appreciate this fascinating musician and the richness of sacred music during the Enlightenment period.