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Góngora project

La Grande Chapelle and the musical research group “Música Poética” of the CSIC are seeking help to fund the recording of the CD “Rimas Sonoras. Música para Luis de Góngora”, an innovative programme of music dedicated to the great poet from Cordoba.


Luis de Góngora is to poetry what Miguel de Cervantes is to the novel: geniuses who pushed the boundaries of a particular tradition and in doing so created a new language; a literary revolution without precedents. The poetic universe of Góngora would become a model for future European poetry (the symbolists, Paul Valéry and the Spanish poets of the Generation of ´27).

Góngora would also become a source of inspiration for many prestigious composers of the 17th century in Europe. However, until now there has never been a recording made of work exclusively inspired by his poetry.

The intention is to record a CD serving as a musical itinerary that covers sonnets, romances, villancicos and various lyrics in homage to Luis Góngora. The pieces come from musicological collections published by the Publications Department of the CSIC. Outstanding among them are the Cancionero Musical de Góngora, the Libro de Tonos Humanos and the Cancionero Póetico-Músical Hispánico de Lisboa.


The project will be made possible by means of the interdisciplinary labour undertaken by philologists and musicologists which has come to characterize the productions and research of Música Poética and Lauda Música. The fruits of this collaboration have been published in the discographic collection on literature and music in the Spanish Golden Age with the CDs Entre aventuras y encantamientos (LAU001), El vuelo de Ícaro (LAU003) and El gran Burlador (LAU006) which have garnered scientific, academic and artistic plaudits in several countries.

On this occasion La Grande Chapelle will be able to draw on a stellar line-up: five renowned soloists, two flutes, two viols, violin, guitar, theorbo, two types of harp, dulcian/flute, harpsichord, percussion and conductor (17 musicians in total).


Because we believe that Góngora – as well as Cordoba, Andalucía and Spanish culture - fully deserves to be subject of a musical-poetic homage at last, one that encapsulates all his lyricism in the form of a widely available CD.

Furthermore, it is urgent that different forms of funding are used together in a joint effort to generate and to maintain interest in the talent of the greatest ever artist and renovator of the Spanish language whose works continue to provoke admiration and surprise each and every generation.


Whatever the size of donation you are able to make, you can help us to ensure this recording happens. Música Poética and Lauda Música are open to other kinds of agreements for wider collaborations.

The benefits (signed CDs, mention in the CD credits, possible mention on the Lauda webpage, the opportunity to attend recording sessions and concerts etc.) will be appropriate to the level of patronage.

To get more information about how to support La Grande Chapelle please get in touch with us on 34 91 409 32 01 or by email at