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Lauda is a record label that releases and disseminates the musical recoveries and first-time recordings of La Grande Chapelle, concentrating on Spanish vocal music of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. The objective of the label is to provide quality products containing a high level of musical and musicological interest, from an independent standpoint.

To this end Lauda has overseen the publication of works by composers essential to the Spanish musical tradition – including the historic territories of the Spanish monarchy. Key releases include Lobo's Prudentes virgines mass, Romero's Requiem, Valls' Scala Aretina mass, Nebra's Vespers of Confessors, the Easter celebrations by the Spanish brotherhood of the Resurrection in Rome and monographs on Pujol, Galán, Hidalgo and Rodríguez de la Hita.

The CDs that Lauda produces are the end result of a process of musical recovery that begins with scientific research of excellence and culminates in the performance of unpublished works that have never previously been recorded; in this way Lauda is contributing to the diffusion and re-evaluation of Spanish musical heritage and transferring the results to society at large. Each release is a unique work that balances artistry and emotion, historical accuracy and meticulous presentation.

The label has an agreement with the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) to jointly publish recordings of Spanish early music in the series "Musica poetica". This agreement will help contribute to the diffusion of the results of musicological research carried out by the CSIC.

Lauda's releases are distributed worldwide via the Outhere group (Alpha, Ramée, Ricercar, Phi...).which has outlets in more than 40 countries.